Professional Administration Service (PAS)

As a Medicare beneficiary settling your workers’ compensation or liability case, you may want complete peace of mind from disruption of your Medicare benefits. The law requires you to demonstrate that funds set aside for your future injury-related care be properly exhausted before Medicare will resume payment for your injury-related treatment.

CareMDRx, as your Professional Administrator, will review your healthcare bills, prescriptions, and durable medical equipment charges to make certain they are priced as Medicare intended. More importantly, they will make certain that Medicare pays for treatment that is not related to your set-aside and settlement. That way, your money lasts longer. As an added benefit, CareMDRx leverages its provider networks, so you pay less than Medicare expects, extending the life of your set-aside funds even further.

All you need to begin is a few minutes and a valid checking account where you will deposit funds for your medical treatment. Then you are on your way to the savings and benefits you deserve.